“Lost Password” Recovery

Automated lost password recovery feature allows customers to reset their password with the ease of customized password re-setter.

“Stock Management

Monitor all the stock changes and get automatic notification when the stock level goes below the specified limits to pre-order stocks.

Vendor Management

Manage multiple sellers across your platform, set per sale commission, review supplier information in real time.

Gift Option

Gift services feature allows you to offer various pricing options on product level with powerful gifting features like gift wraps, personalized messages, etc.

User-Friendly Admin Dashboard

Well crafted eye-catching user-friendly administrator dashboard with features and characteristics for better site management.

Customer Management

Create customer profiles in multiple groups like registered and guest customers, view and manage wish list, coupons, etc.

Bulk Orders

Efficiently run your wholesale business by setting different pricing based on quantity and allow customers to place large orders on a single go.

Product Options

Add and manage an unlimited number of product options like color, price, size, weight, etc., and other variants to sell better with your customers.

Buy Now

Buy Now buttons allows customers directly to the payment page for checkout without having to add the items the shopping cart.

Lazy Loading

This feature does not let the entire website to load at once. Instead, it allows you to show only what the users need to see first on the page.

Unlimited Products

Sell unlimited products with specific options like color, size, zoom, and other features to support product configuration and customizability.

Store Locator

Helps customer reach your local offline store using map by showing where your products are available nearest to them.

Product Document Attachment

This allows customers to download product documents like product detail specifications in the form of text documents, PDF files, images, videos, etc.

Multi Store

Allows you to add multiple locations and serve customers buy from the nearest store based on the product availability on each location.

Buy on Same Page

One page shopping feature enables the user to buy on the same page without having to spend time for additional checkout pages.

Category Landing Pages

You can easily create category landing pages to your site using static block tools and customize it according to your own requirements.

Sell Any Products

Sell your products right from your home or anywhere with our readymade eCommerce websites & reach out to crores of customers.

Unlimited Categories

Add unlimited categories, sub-categories or product attributes seamlessly to sell multiple products of any range or quantity.

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive themes with ‘fit-all-screen’ compatibility allowing consumers to buy from your store using mobile phones or tablets.

Multi-Wishlist Option

Add unlimited number of wishlists with advanced features to let customers copy or move products between wishlists for later use.

Flexible Contact Forms

We offer the best, modern, flexible contact forms with simple drop down features for easy form filling and conversions.

Quantity Update in Shopping Cart

Enables buyer to update quantity in the shopping cart page without getting back to the pervious page using simple update cart feature.

SSL Certificate Configuration

Comes with configuration to SSL certificate. All the pages, content & transactions will have high level of security with https support.

Extendable Modules

Additional extensions can be added to the modules if you want to customize and extend the functionality of the existing tools.

One Page Checkout

Simplified one step checkout to help customers pay quickly with more convenient features to drive more sales and revenue.

RTL Compatibility

Compatible to writing with Right to Left language like Arabic or Hebrew and offers bidirectional support on all browsers.

Inventory Ready

Save time on inventory management with pre-loaded catalogues in just one easy setup and update it easily for the future.

Ajax Enabled

The platform is loaded with AJAX features that reducing the server load time and improves your customer journey


Fully 100% customizable as per your business model and requirements with feature-rich responsive design on latest trends.

Free Installation

Free installation and setup facility as you will be offered with extensive documentation to update changes without hassle.

Marketing & Promotions

Reward Points

Offer discounts on redemption of reward points which is collected by the customer whenever he purchases something on your site.

Google Analytics

Integrate your web store with Google Analytics allows you to enhance your eCommerce features with statistics, insights, and optimization.

Refer a Friend

Encourage customers to invite their friends to purchase on your store and receive referral rewards and promo coupons.

SMS Marketing

Promote special offers, new product arrivals and keep in touch with customers to increase sales to your eCommerce store by sending short SMSes.

Sell Bundled Products with Blog

Create blog articles for promoting bundled products like buy x get y free with limited period offers to attract attention.

Gift Voucher

Offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed to buy products from your online store. It can also be purchased by customers to gift them to loved ones.

Cross Sell

Increase your sales by showing related, top rated, most viewed or new products on the shopping cart page while purchasing a product.


Showcase and sell additional items for the product that is being purchased by the customer by displaying relevant information.

Request Quote

Build easy contact form and allows store visitors to submit a request a quote form after adding the product to the wishlist.

Product Deals

Drive customer loyalty, recover abandoned checkouts and boost sales by providing great deals to the shoppers of your online store.


Integrate blog on the eCommerce store, drive more traffic to your website, share content to your subscribers and increase your outreach.

Wishlist Notification

Get notified when every time a customer adds a product to the wishlist and give them some discount based on their list.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimized product pages including meta tags, titles and URL handles to help potential customers find your store easily.

Mass Email Customers

Send bulk emails to your subscribed guests and customers by keeping them updated with interesting news and events.

Pop up on Google SERP

Make use of SEO functionalities to get your website popped up in Google’s Search Engine Results Page leading to higher traffic and visitors.

Mass Email Customers

Send bulk emails to your subscribed guests and customers by keeping them updated with interesting news and events.

Google Rich Snippet Cards

Use Google rich snippet to get high ranking in search results, in turn, increasing click-through rates and conversions to your store.

Pro Membership

Manage paid members effectively and protect your content based on member levels on one-time payment or recurring subscriptions.

Coupon Codes

Easily generate different coupon codes for discounts, freebies, special offers based on shopping cart price rules for orders.

Promotional Banners

Place promotional banners on home page, category pages and on customer’s path to reach checkout by helping them buy more.

Ad Rotations

Place multiple banners with rotate feature to enhance your sales opportunity with 360 degree product viewer rotation using static blocks.

Newsletter Management

Discover the power of emails by enabling newsletter subscription feature and connect to subscribers through email marketing.

Product Reviews & Ratings

Enables user to rate your products and write reviews about your products which can be modified by the store admin before approving it.

Export Email Subscriber List

Allows you to export email subscriber list into a file of varying forms in order to use it for your email marketing campaigns.

SEO friendly URLs

Enable search engine friendly URLs to customize the URL structure based on your keywords focused on driving targeted traffic

Send to a Friend with Email

Set email a friend option that allow customers to share individual or multiple products link when they are logged in to the account.

Order Management

Product pickup station

Add multiple pickup locations that enable the shipping agents to deliver the goods faster to the nearest location of the customer.

Order status

Send order statuses to the customers via email and SMS right from admin for order confirmation, shipping, returns, and cancellation.

Table/matrix rates for shipping

Gives you control on the shipping rates where you can add multiple options to the customers according to price, quantity, weight, and location.

Offline Orders

Create offline orders for the customers right from the Admin side by simply selecting the users by email or profile names.

SMS Notification

Send SMSes to the customers in addition to emails about each stage of the orders. Change templates for notifications based as per your requirement.

Admin Email Notifier

Receive email notifications to the admin email about the latest orders, subscriptions, reviews and other important notifications in the store.

Invoice management

Manage actual invoices generated in the form of PDF for the customers to see and download invoices from the in-built invoice and billing software.

Express Delivery

Improve your customer satisfaction level with an express delivery solution for logistics operations with a high degree of sophistication.

Delete Order from Admin

This adds an option in the admin side to delete the unwanted orders which adds the cancellation order in the frontend to initiate cancel request.

Delivery Time Slot

This feature allows the customers to choose the preferred time and day for delivery on the checkout page which is effected in order history.

Cancel Orders for Customers

Allows to quickly cancel the orders by the admin or sellers and email about the specific order to the customers with proper status.

Return & Exchange

Product return and exchange allow customers to submit a request under a mailing system and the refund will be delivered to user’s wallet.

Efficient Order Processing

Our real-time order processing feature enables the sellers to pick, pack, and dispatch orders with maximum efficiency and control.

Order Status Updates

Easily set-up email notifications for customers to send status of the orders in order to track progress and be notified about the delivery.

Order Summary in Checkout

Pre-defined checkout form with dynamically changing product order summary along with customer details for easy payment.

Tracking Order

Set default order states with customizable order processing workflow enabling customer to track about the status of their orders.

Filter Order Status

Allows you to filter and sort orders based on its status and date of shipping giving you the ability to learn more about the orders.

Payment Billing Checkout

Guest Checkout

This helps to avoid long checkout process which in turn will help your customers shop in their free time without having to register at the beginning.


Holds payment information of the customer to use it in your store. Send extra cash credits to the eWallet and make it an online payment gateway.

Flexible Tax Calculation

Easily setup and calculate taxes with flexible tax calculation handling software in-built for invoice and billing clients.

Multiple Payment Gateway Options

Accelerate your ROI by integrating numerous online payment gateways. It allows your customers to pay via any payment gateway.


This allows you to set up more than one currency and with currency switcher option enable customers to choose among the currencies.

Set Minimum Order Amount

You may set minimum order amount or quantity of items on the cart preferences and set applicable amount of your choice.

Order & Comments Attachment

This feature helps you to receive important information from a customer during the checkout in the form of feedback or additional details.

Extra Fee

Easily handle additional charges options on the checkout page for payment gateway fees, shipping and more.

Shipping Mentions

Build a complete solution with custom shipping rates based on mentions like location, weight, flat and free shipping options.

Cash on Delivery

The COD option is available for the customers who want to make payment at the time of delivery after making the order online.

Invoice management

Manage actual invoices generated in the form of PDF for the customers to see and download invoices from the in-built invoice and billing software.

Customizable Delivery Methods

You get the ability to configure and manage delivery methods based on the product, customer origin and the shipping carrier.

Pay-Pal Integration

Easy setup of PayPal payment integration and speeding up the checkout process to accept payments by automatic or manual process.

Currency Conversion

Tracks the location of visitor, and converts the store currency to visitor’s location currency for a personalized shopping experience.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Set up flexible and scalable shipping charges based on fixed-pricing, tiered pricing, quantity-based, and location-based rates.

Low Stock Report

Get notified when your stock level goes down the limit and easily manage your stocks in the report section to re-order instantly.

Print Invoice

Ability to print invoice bills in the PDF file formats with just one click on the order details page for every item in the order.

Multi-Tier Pricing

Setting tiered pricing across multiple products enables you to create different discounts for different products in different groups.

Table Rates

Get full control over shipping with multiple table rates which is a combination of weight, price, and quantity to calculate shipping.

Customizable Shipping Surcharges

Allows you to override or surcharge live shipping rates for certain products and customers to meet your specific business needs.

Flexible Tax Rate Management

Set tax rates as per the location, product type and more using flexible tax rate management with support to international markets.

Tax Calculation

Set automatic tax calculation feature for transaction based on product type, quantity and other attributes with flexible tax rates.

Additional Payment Extensions

Integrate additional payment methods including Paypal adaptive, Mangopay and other payment APIs to benefit sellers and vendors.

Product Management

Cross-Sell on Product Pages

Cross-sell, up-sell, and cross-promote random products on the front-end product pages by adding personalized recommendations.

Bulk Import Products

Upload products in bulk with import option that helps you to use CSV files and category mapping to import products and attributes.

New Arrivals

Get your latest products on up and ready for purchase by your customers by placing new arrivals within their reach.

Enhanced Product Page

Simplified product page with details that are most significant and enhanced page loading methods to give the excellent browsing experience.

Expired product management

Expired products are automatically notified and when unnoticed the product details will be automatically removed after the end date.

Grouped products

This allows customers to buy a couple of related products together as a single package with information to create recipes.


The highlight, promote or list new products or special offers on to your store & seek customer’s attention with the use of product labels.

Unlimited Products

Comes with unlimited products, features, specifications, attributes, product images and more custom options.

Filter Products

Increase conversions with better shopping experience by filtering products based on categories, price range and net weight.

Top-Rated Products Widget

Displaying the top rated products popular among the buyers and listing them out based on the ratings given by the customers

Related Products Widget

Display the related or suggested products on the category, product, and shopping cart pages using the order and page view data.

New Products Widget

Enables to highlight, promote or view new products in your online store using New from Date and New to Date attributes.

Best / Top Sellers Widget

Showcase best or top sellers of the products on any page on the store by system generated or manually adding functionality.

Compare Products

Allows the buyer to compare products based on quantity, brand and other attributes in a more efficient way without page reload.

Reorder Products

Allowing customers to quickly and easily reorder previously purchased products and make changes as per their convenience and comfort.



Get accurate real-time reporting on stock movements like goods sold, oversold items, products & more with inventory management report.


Get to know customer’s spend on your store with full order history like price range, average order value, last purchase date, and discounted orders.


Keep track of your sales records on a daily, monthly and yearly basis with a comprehensive tracking and sales statistics.


Helps you quickly understand important data of the best and worst selling products, fast and slow trending products, most and least visited products, etc.

Graphic Reports in Admin Dashboard

Track, analyze and make decisions by viewing full periodical reports on your dashboard and choose the date range for custom periods.

Product Transaction Report

Displays transaction reports of the products purchased by the customers including shipping cost, tax information and more.

Sales Report

Get accurate & up-to-date sales report of your online store to analyze sales statistics including total customers, total orders, revenue, etc


Facebook Live Chat

Interact with your eCommerce visitors and customers with a quick Facebook live chat to help them chat through messenger.

Social Media LogIn

This allows clients to enter your online shopping website through social media logins. It gives your consumers the seamless shopping experience.

Social Share

Leveraging the power of social feature to share customer’s shopping cart via social media or bookmark products for later purchase.

Whatsapp live chat

Interact with your eCommerce visitors and customers with a quick Whatsapp live chat to help them chat through messenger

User Experience

Product Filter Attributes

Gives the ability to filter product by attributes and custom options which allows finding desired product faster without refreshing the list.

Return & Cancel

Product return and cancel allow customers to submit a request under a mailing system and the refund will be delivered to user’s wallet.

Address book management

Contacts management record is helpful to save multiple addresses, and even the customer can choose multiple addresses in just single order.

OTP Login

Enable sign up with a mobile number to allow Login using OTP (One Time Password) for a passwordless login access to your eCommerce store.

Quick View

Allows the user to view the product shortly without leaving the current flow by showing product information with small add to cart button.

Shop by Brand

Assign products to brands and allow customer find and shop the product by manufacturer in the alphabetical listing with categorization.

Instant Add to Cart

Quickly add items to the shopping cart with simple drag and drop functionality reducing the number of steps with fewer clicks.

Product Zoom Option

Display a high-resolution product image to zoom in on the areas your user may be interested in. This helps to increase conversion rates.

Search Auto Complete

This is an advanced search filter that allows users to search products quickly by showing relevant suggestions in search results.

Best/Top selling products

Showcase best or top sellers of the products on any page on the store by system generated or manually adding functionality.

Guest Checkout

This helps to avoid long checkout process which in turn will help your customers shop in their free time without having to register at the beginning.

Cross Browser Compatible

Guaranteed to work on the current major web browsers. It lets your users won’t be turned away due to a non-functioning theme.

Mega Menu

User-friendly highly customizable Mega Menu with dropdown variations to help your shoppers find products quickly and easily.


Cross Sell products from related, top rated, most viewed, new product widgets to add personalized recommendations.

Compare Products

Allows the buyer to compare products based on quantity, brand and other attributes in a more efficient way without page reload.

Different Portfolio Views

Seamlessly organize the products in different views such as list view, grid view with varying color and size for different portfolio views.

Customizable Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs feature helps user to navigate your store more effectively, you can also have additional custom breadcrumbs if required.

Multi-Language Support

Multilingual functionality to support multiple languages on your store and extend the reach of products to global audience.

Google-Friendly Navigation

All our products are accompanied with search engine friendly layered or faceted navigation menus through page hierarchy system.

Billing Addresses Book

Custom templates for billing and shipping address of customers are created during shopping cart checkout for future ordering.

Vendor Management

Social Login

Allow vendors to sign up or sign in using social login to make it easy for them to directly access the vendor panel and manage their products.

Set Commission Rates

You may fix commission rates by product, vendor or globally and customize it based on your requirement.

Vendor Product Upload

Permit vendors to add products directly to their profile and give auto approval or review products option for approval.

Vendor Product Application

The multi-vendor feature allows sellers to submit an application for review and once approved their item goes live on to the website.

Vendor Product Management

Create, manage, delete vendors and vendor’s product in the admin panel and also set restrictions and access based on vendor subscription.

Recently Viewed Products

Gives the ability to view, up-sell or cross-promote recently viewed products by the customers between their browsing sessions.